OxleyCare provides outstanding live-in care.

As a small, exclusive agency, our care without compromise ethos is dedicated to each individual client’s needs.

Our nurse-led management team provides bespoke care planning because we know that one size does not fit all.  Live happily and independently in your own home, where everything familiar is to hand.

Valerie Oxley

Valerie Oxley

Founder & Director

Founded 20 years ago, my vision for OxleyCare remains unaltered with its ethos of Care Without Compromise.  Drawing from my experience of being a carer, and with encouragement from former clients and friends, I established OxleyCare as an exclusive agency dedicated to each individual client's needs.  Wrap around support, confidentiality and outstanding communication are the keystones of OxleyCare. This is acknowledged by clients and carers alike. 

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Introduction to OxleyCare from Sioban, our Operations Manager