Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe various conditions affecting the brain.  We recognise that dementia affects very many elderly people in varying degrees.

It is hugely beneficial for any sufferer of dementia to stay in their own home, where familiar surroundings can offer comfort.  OxleyCare has vast experience in caring for dementia patients, and can take over the running of the household to the required degree, and keep existing routines in place.  OxleyCare has introduced a Dementia Champion (Care Manager, Jane Wilson) in recognition of the fact that dementia affects many elderly people.  Jane has a personal interest in this area, is a qualified nurse and has been trained, certified and awarded by the UKHCA’s Train the Trainer Training for home care providers.

“As a daughter whose mother had dementia, I know how hard it can be caring for someone with dementia but also seeing someone so close to you struggle with everyday tasks.  It is a cruel disease and can change a person as they become lost and confused.

Questions are terribly hard for a person with dementia.  Trying to spend time with a person and not asking questions is equally hard.  Over time I have learnt that there are positives.  The more you learn about the disease the more you can help your loved one or others caring for them.  For example, short term memory loss means you can repeat a story that made them smile.  We know that we all respond to what we see, feel, touch and smell.  Although a dementia sufferer may not understand the TV programme or may have forgotten what you have just said, you can find triggers to help them.  For example, the smell of the sea can take them back to childhood or the smell of baking bread or listening to songs can bring a flood of feelings too.  What we know is that dates, places and faces can be lost, but feelings are not stolen.

I am very happy to share my knowledge and experience.  But equally happy to listen to your concerns and any difficulties that you have with undertaking even the simplest of tasks for your loved one.

As the Dementia Champion, I will support you and your family to manage the impacts, frustrations and needs caused by a dementia diagnosis and OxleyCare will provide the best care possible.”