26 July 2021

Every company has someone who fails to recognise their own contributions and abilities but who is in fact brilliant at their job, the first to volunteer, go the extra mile and is unendingly cheerful.  Our Care Coordinator Clair Jones is that person!

The whole Company was overjoyed to learn that Clair was a winner in the Great British Care Awards 2020, South West finals, and awarded the Home Care Coordinator Award.

Her citation read as follows:

Clair’s baseline and standout skills which are fundamental to her success are her outstanding inter-personal and communication abilities. Relationship building with carers and clients is not only vital but the aspect that she enjoys most. Trust is paramount and the security and safety clients feel from the continuity of care organised by Clair is at the heart of what she does so well. The matching of client and carer is done entirely on suitability not availability meaning the level of care is outstanding. It is a collaborative process and everyone is fully informed and knows what to expect. Additional medical or care needs are met by an appropriately qualified carer.

Clair frequently liaises with the in-house Standards and Compliance Officer and the Registered Manager to ensure the carers are properly qualified for the role expected of them and that the process is fully compliant. She is often the first person carers meet when they join the company as she interviews and inducts them. This personalised approach has accelerated since Covid-19 because she will pick up and drop off carers at clients’ homes.

All our carers are lone workers and the support offered by the care team and run by Clair is 24/7. All carers have a UK SIM card and must have good 4G or Wi-Fi so they remain contactable. A full risk assessment is carried out prior to placement and Clair maintains regular contact with all her carer team. Her organised nature and the flexibility of placements involves much planning and excellent IT skills. Extensive databases are kept and all carer qualifications, legally required breaks, PPE stocks and health checks are taken.

Clair Jones