13 January 2021

We hear many stories in the press about people going above and beyond during the global pandemic.  Many are well-documented and well-known.

At OxleyCare we too have many employees going the extra mile and doing everything they possibly can to help others, think outside the box and roll their sleeves up to get things done.  From carers staying on in placements to ensure client safety to HQ staff packaging up large amounts of test kits and PPE to post and many more besides, OxleyCare’s ‘Care without Compromise’ ethos has shone in demanding times.

Our fabulous Care Coordinator is likely to be the first person to offer help in any situation.  Over the last 12 months, ignoring the time of day or when on leave, Clair has shopped and dropped off supplies and groceries to carers isolating in between clients or in quarantine.  She has spent many hours facilitating safe travel between clients.

Our Care Manager, Jane, adopted a cat from a client who was moving into a home and could no longer care for her pet.

A particularly heart-warming story of care, compassion, thoughtfulness and demonstrating the relationship between carer and client is a recent one.  One of our carers, Ana, organised a portable bath that was suitable for her client and could be used on the ground floor.  With no safe way to climb stairs, having a bath had become a much-missed luxury.  The unbridled joy and happiness experienced by the client is testament to the compassion, effort and care shown by Ana.  She says, ’It was an adventure!  My client watched as we filled the bathtub with bowls and she stayed in for as long as she wanted.  It was well worth it to see the happiness on her face!’.