Why Live-in Care?

People love their own home

In many cases, our clients have lived in their present houses for many years and are at ease among their familiar possessions – each of which is part of the history of their life and, as such, has special meaning for them. 

Living at home they are a part of the community around them and enjoy participating in the activities of that community. Having a carer to enable them to go out and about, and to accompany them, if wished, allows our clients to take part in  a wide variety of activities; for example - from going to church, attending lectures and visiting galleries to belonging to a choir, watching cricket, and having a pub lunch. With the confidence given by having a carer to help them, many clients feel able to resume doing things they had previously given up.

OxleyCare carers will fully respect the client’s wishes and routines, trying unobtrusively to fit in without taking over unless this is essential due to the clients’ condition. Where appropriate, clients are encouraged to continue with their normal daily tasks, the carer doing whatever is needed to help them. To have a purpose in life is essential. At home, a client is able to exercise independence and choice and plan their own lives while receiving the support they need.

There are two alternatives to having live-in Care. The first is domiciliary visiting care which may answer needs over a short period but has the disadvantages of unpredictability. The client may have to wait for long periods for a carer to appear, and there will necessarily be frequent changes of carer. 

The other alternative is residential care in a Home and sometimes this is essential because of the client’s condition and circumstances. While there are some exceptionally good Homes, these do come at a high cost. We find that most clients can be cared for at home for the whole of their lives without having to undergo the anxiety and disruption of moving into a Home. Moving into a Home often causes people to suffer a painful loss of their identity as an autonomous adult, as well as the wrench of only being able to take very few of their own things with them.

OxleyCare’s 24-hour Live-in Care service can provide companion care for those with fewer needs through to a full level of care for those with higher dependency conditions.   Having 24-hour live-in care enables our clients to stay at home, secure in the knowledge of having the help they need, at hand, around the clock, while retaining the dignity and autonomy of their own way of life.

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