Dementia Care

For a sufferer from any form of dementia, Alzheimer’s or memory loss, being able to stay in the familiar comfort of their own home is enormously helpful. 

Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe various conditions affecting the brain. The most common symptoms of dementia are memory loss, difficulty in thinking and language, changes in personality, and difficulty in carrying out regular daily tasks. It is caused when the brain is damaged by a disease such as Alzheimer’s or a series of strokes.

Oxley Care have vast experience in caring for dementia patients, by assisting clients to live as full a life as possible, while easing any burden on their families.  

Our carer will provide companionship and can take over the running of the household including cooking and light cleaning, while encouraging the client to participate as much or as little as they wish. Should the client be living with their spouse the carer can also lift part of the burden of care from their shoulders so they can enjoy more quality time together as a couple or be free to pursue their own interests from time to time. The carer can be involved, as much or as little as required, with the daily routine of the household. 

Our carers are encouraged to respect the pre-existing routines of the home and to respect the need for the family to have privacy and time alone. The aims of care for a client with memory loss are to keep them secure and to encourage visits from family and friends and to keep their life enriched and fulfilled. We aim to assist wherever required without being too intrusive, therefore allowing clients to be in control of their own life wherever possible. 

As well as being able to cook for our clients, our carers can also assist with all sorts of other tasks. These include personal care and administering medicine, shopping, and looking after pets.  We ask our carers to work with the client’s ability and not their disability and to enable the client’s full participation in activities and conversation which they enjoy.  All of our carers drive and are happy to drive clients anywhere they wish to go, whether this be for medical appointments, social occasions, to visit family, or anywhere else. Our aim is to enhance the quality of life of our client.

The majority of our carers have received specialist training in Dementia Care, meaning carers of dementia patients understand their needs and can care for them in the best way possible. We take great care in matching our clients with a suitable carer. Our recruitment process is rigorous and we follow CQC safeguarding guidelines. Our carers are understanding, patient, empathetic and have a genuine interest in offering high quality care. We believe that we must preserve our clients’ dignity and quality of life and honour the choices of all clients while ensuring their safety. 

Do you or a loved one require dementia care in the home? Fill in our enquiry form, here, and we will get back to you, promptly. Or you can call us directly on 01980 846 690.

Recommended reading if you, or a member of your family, is suffering from increasingly frequent memory loss is ‘Contented Dementia’ by Oliver James. This is a book that we ask all of our carers to read. 

Visit our Dementia Information page for more about the condition.