Frequently Asked Questions for Our Clients

We specialise in providing the highest quality 24 hour live-in care for clients in their own homes from as little as a few days’ respite care to long term placements stretching over months or years.

You can have a carer for as long as you need one - from as little as 24 hours, to months on end

The carer will normally do the usual household tasks including cooking and shopping. They will help with any personal care as necessary and help you with your medication if you require. They will drive you in your own car- this must be insured for the carer. They will help to look after your pets and do a little light gardening if they have time. They will keep you company if you wish them to. Some clients require secretarial help, or help with computers. They may help you to entertain or visit friends and family. They will accompany you on outings or holidays if required. If your needs are more complex, they will work with your doctor or district nurse to help with your treatment.

The care worker should have their own bedroom with clean bed-linen, use of a bathroom; a television and internet access where possible. They must be given meals which they may or may not eat with you, as you wish.

This will depend on individual requirements and your particular circumstances. Some clients prefer variety and like a regular rotation of carers. Others may prefer to have one care worker for a longer period. We also have to take into account the carer’s preference and the nature of the work they will be required to do. In some instances we will insist on a frequent rotation in order to prevent the carers from becoming exhausted.

Our care workers are from the UK or from the southern hemisphere English-speaking countries. As they tend to be recommended to us by word-of-mouth, most of our present care workers are of British ancestry and speak good English.

Sioban Stoner is the Operations Manager with special responsibility for liaising with clients. She is the person you should contact in the first instance. Her contact number is (01980) 846690. A Duty Manager is always available 24 hours per day and at weekends.

The care worker must be allowed to take two hours off per day and one eight hour period off per week. You should arrange cover for these periods. If circumstances prevent your carer from taking this time off, a fee will be charged in lieu.
Your carer will always get up and help you. However, they are entitled to eight hours sleep per night. If they are called out between 11 pm and 6.30am in the morning, we will charge a fee. If night calls become frequent, prolonged and take place on many nights of the week we may have to insist on extra help for the carer.
This is not usually possible as the care worker may be on continuous assignments or because the distance for them to travel is too far. However, if the care worker is nearby we may be able to arrange for them to visit you in advance.
Care workers may not do heavy cleaning nor anything which involves climbing ladders or on furniture. They may not be asked to undertake heavy tasks in the garden or to wash cars. No care worker may be asked to do anything which could endanger their health or safety.