What our carers say about us

Being part of Oxley Care is like being covered by an umbrella during heavy rain. I am proud to say I am employed by this group. They are the best. The quality clients they attract, reflects on the carers they employ. It is a win-win situation - all because the management team is the best, with years of experience and amazing people and organisational skills.
ML - July 2021
Meeting Valerie Oxley in 2003 was a life changing moment for me.  I had a young 7-year-old daughter, in Zimbabwe, who was dependant upon me.  OxleyCare became our lifeline.  As a carer I could still use my nursing knowledge, get fabulous accommodation, see the beautiful English country AND have a flexible schedule enabling me to commute, every 3 months in-between jobs, back to my daughter.  What is there not to like with a career change like this?

I have always had a constant flow of lovely clients which has made missing home more bearable.  The client is assessed for you, so you’re prepared.  I have always had 24/7 support from the OxleyCare team and there’s always someone at the end of the phone.  The team really listen to what you have to say and do their best to help, whether for you or a client.  In a personal crisis capacity, OxleyCare have always gone the extra mile for me. 

I have stayed with OxleyCare because I feel appreciated and part of a family.  I can depend on them. I cannot recommend OxleyCare enough.
AMcC - with OxleyCare since 2003
I want you to know what a positive and meaningful experience my time with OxleyCare has been, from the very first contact I made with the office to enquire about the role to the lovely clients I have met along the way.  I have made a positive impact on their lives just like they have on mine.  There is such a feeling of community and care flowing through the whole agency and it is felt between office staff, carers and clients alike. It was this personalised approach that made me choose OxleyCare over other agencies.  Your team is amazing; always on hand with advice.
CA - with OxleyCare since 2018
It is so lovely to work for a company where you feel part of a real caring family rather than just a number on the books!  With OxleyCare I have always felt listened to, supported, and appreciated.  The difference those things make to one’s overall wellbeing is very easy to underestimate.

Many, many thanks to you and all the wonderful Oxley team for all you do.
CH - with OxleyCare since 2010
Whatever was achieved through me happened with the tremendous support of the OxleyCare team.  Ever open, you listened, understood, and shared wise counsel.
KJ - with OxleyCare since 2012
OxleyCare employs people who know how to listen to others and are always willing to help. As a carer, whenever I have called for help or advice, I have always been supported. It is important to know you are part of a team.
A B-S - with OxleyCare since 2017