Carer Frequently Asked Question

What does OxleyCare do?

We specialise in providing the highest quality 24-hour live-in care for clients in their own homes from as little as a few days’ respite care to long term placements stretching over months or years.

Can I work in the UK?

The UK is leaving the EU on January 1st 2021.  A Frontier Worker permit lets you come to the UK to work while living elsewhere.  Please visit this page to find out your eligibility and apply online.  Also, you can visit here to see what action you may need to take if you do not hold a UK passport.

Apply for a national insurance  number if you do not already have one.  We regret we are unable to offer work to holders of student visas and we are unable to help with applications for work permits.  You can visit, which offers useful information on working in the UK – tips and information on getting around, work visas, health, cost of living and banking.

Do I need to have a police check?

Yes.  When you arrive in the UK we are legally obliged to apply for a police check for you here.  This takes about 2-3 weeks to process and costs £50.20 and is processed through the DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service).  If this is your first time working in the UK we expect you to have a Police check from your country of origin.  Please look at the DBS website to check you can comply.

Do I have to attend an interview?

Yes. Interviews are currently being conducted virtually.  Please e-mail ( or telephone (01980) 846690 for an appointment.

Interviews are usually held at the OxleyCare office in Wiltshire.  You cannot commence work without one or a DBS check. The nearest Station is Grateley on the London Waterloo/Exeter line.  If you are invited for an interview and you will be travelling by train we are more than happy to pick you up and return you to Grateley station.

Do I need care experience?

Some experience in care is beneficial, whether this was gained professionally or caring for a close friend or relative. We accept previous experience and training obtained via other agencies, provided it is relevant, in date, and certified.

OxleyCare provides a range of blended learning opportunities from e-learning to face-to-face, hands-on training. Our training courses are designed for new and experienced carers and are part of the regulatory requirements laid out by CQC, Care Quality Commission.

We pride ourselves on continuing personal and professional development. Our core courses are a requirement for all, however additional training may also be available.

Do I need to be able to cook?

Yes. OxleyCare promotes a balanced diet and the use of fresh ingredients on a daily basis.  Ready-made meals are only used in emergencies.

Do I need to be able to drive?

Being able to drive is preferable but not essential.  Most of our clients prefer to have a car driver.  Remember to bring your licence and insurance documentation with you.  You will also be asked to disclose any previous driving convictions.

Will I have to wear a uniform?

No.  Most of our clients prefer you not to wear a uniform.  However, we insist on smart casual clothes and no jeans or track suit bottoms.

How can I get help or advice when I am with a client?

We have a 24-hour on-call service which ensures that a member of the management team is always available to answer your queries.

How do I open a bank account in the UK?

Having a bank account in the UK is preferable but not essential.  There is a charge to have salaries paid to an oversea account.  If at all possible arrange to have a bank account in the UK before you leave your home country.  Seek advice from your own bank.  Alternatively visit for information on their services for overseas travellers.

How often are we paid?

You are paid weekly direct to your bank account.  Holiday pay is accrued per assignment and paid when holiday is taken.

How much will I be paid?

Each assignment varies but the rate is £105-116.50 depending on skillset and placement.  All board and lodging are paid for by the client as are your travel costs or petrol for your car from your home to the client’s location up to £100.  Mileage allowance is 45p per mile.

Will I get regular work from you?

We do have plenty of work for suitable carers, but we are unable to guarantee work.  You are likely to get more if you are flexible, prepared to travel and work with our clients who require more assistance.

What is the maximum I can work in one booking?

Assignments vary depending on suitability and availability, but the maximum number of weeks you can work continuously is 14 weeks then 2 weeks compensatory rest.  Time off is 20 hours per week.   If you have any specific work preferences they can be discussed at interview.

Where will I live when I have time off?

If you do not have a UK base and are unable to return to your home, OxleyCare has purchased a house where carers can isolate, quarantine and rest between placements.  You can read more here.