For 20 years ‘Care without Compromise’ has been our mission.  No client should have to compromise their lifestyle when they need a 24-hour live-in carer.  Remaining compliant, OxleyCare offers the highest standard of care.  We help our clients to keep their independence through choice, maintaining their dignity, rights and giving them security.  Understanding that one size does not fit all, a bespoke, personalised care package is planned.   From the initial assessment in the client’s house our nurse-led management will find the best possible solution.  Fully managed, personalised care costs from £1155 per week.  Care plans are monitored and updated on a regular basis.  Confidentiality, continuity of care, high professional standards, outstanding communication and compassion are our core values.  We enable our clients to stay in control of their lives and have a sense of security.

OxleyCare carers are personally interviewed, screened through the DBS and written and verbal requests taken up before engagement.  Our carers are employed by us, undertake training with us and have 24-hour support from our nurse-led management team.

OxleyCare aims to provide peace of mind, choice and confidentiality.  Each client’s needs must be met, with flexibility to adapt, while meeting the high standards and regulations set by the Care Quality Commission.